Red sesame-miroirViolet is written by Elisabeth, a United Statesian who moved to France in 2009. When not blogging, she works as a freelance translator, editor and writer. Supervising her and walking unconcernedly across the keyboard is Sésame, a handsome marble tabby who was rescued from a park near the Champs-Elysées as a two-day-old abandoned kitten. They live in the northern Parisian district of Les Batignolles.

Topics covered here include (vegan) food, the history of Paris, literature, languages and cultures, the visual arts and travels around Europe. There’s also the odd musing about the human condition, what it’s like to be a foreigner, and some observations about the work of a translator.

Why the name Red Violet? Perhaps because Paris is a chromatically neutral city, the landscape dominated by stately but monotonous gray Haussmann buildings, and could use some more color. The deep, velvety, vigorous tones of combined red and violet counter this, bringing warmth while evoking love and the heart.

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