Posts from the archives that focus on travel

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Barcelona’s best and brightest
November 2016
Profiles of compassionate and eco-friendly folks in Barcelona.

Short days in Scandinavia
January 2017
Trains, ferries and more trains. My trip to Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden.

A visit to rural Burgundy
April 2017
I spend a weekend with friends in wine country, where we go back in time to the Stone Age.

Cathedral spires and Jules Verne
May 2017
A day trip to Amiens, just an hour outside Paris. With a friend, I explore a UNESCO World Heritage cathedral and the home of early French sci-fi writer Jules Verne.

Stranger in a familiar land
August 2017
I go back to the US for a visit and find myself in a bizarre world of delayed culture shock.

Canals, bikes and tiny cars
November 2017
I finally visit Amsterdam for the first time, and love it! Including Space Invaders and a brush with a (sort of) “space” breakfast.