Posts from the archives that focus on Paris

October 2016
I visit a neighborhood rummage sale and show you the interesting items on offer.

Little South Asia
October 2016
Exploring the area between La Chapelle and Gare du Nord, home to many South Asian restaurants, food stores and shops.

Decking the halls
December 2016
I check out the Christmas decorations at two iconic Parisian department stores.

Stranger in a familiar land
August 2017
I go back to the US for a visit and find myself in a bizarre world of delayed reverse culture shock.

Street art in Paris
September 2017
A bit of history and some examples of the street art that adorns the city.

Learning Japanese in France
June 2019
I gather my courage and enroll in a Japanese language course offered by the City of Paris.

Ghost town
August 2019
A short list of places to get vegan food in Paris during the annual August exodus.

12 years in France
April 2021
I look back on a decade + two years of life in France.

The Paris Dog Cemetery
June 2021
The tiniest, cutest graves in the whole world, for dogs (and cats!), just north of Paris.

Movin’ on out
September 2021
After 12 years in Paris, I move away! But not too far.