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All dishes are 100% vegan. ♥

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Breakfast and brunch items
Sri Lankan purple yam porridge
Tunisian sorghum pudding
Spinach-artichoke ring
Apple-miso turnovers
15 breakfast ideas
Chunky Monkey un-granola
Chia pudding, three ways
Lemon cheesecake nice cream

Starters and sides
Deviled avocados
Chickpea of the sea salad
Waldorf salad

Main dishes
Catalan pasta paella
Creamy miso ramen soup
Spinach-artichoke ring
Tofu bánh mì sandwich
Chickpea of the sea salad
Tofu balls with spiced blackcurrant sauce
Cornish seitan pie
Chickpeas in spicy tomato sauce
French tomato-mustard tart

Chocolate & peanut butter pies
Chocolate mendiants
Basic sweet crêpes
Rosewater raspberry hearts
French fruit cheesecake
Chocolate cake with azuki filling
White chocolate mendiants
Almond cake with chocolate topping
Chocolate-dipped orange segments
Matcha galette des reines
Mini pavlovas
Chia pudding, three ways
Lemon cheesecake nice cream
Amish shoo-fly cake

Azuki (red-bean) jam
Lemony miso sauce for fruit
Stretchy mozzarella-style cashew cheese

Recipes inspired by TV series and books
Waldorf salad (Fawlty Towers)
Cornish seitan pie (Poldark)