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All dishes are 100% vegan. ♥

Breakfast and brunch items
Sri Lankan purple yam porridge
Tunisian sorghum pudding
Spinach-artichoke ring
Apple-miso turnovers
15 breakfast ideas

Starters and sides
Deviled avocados
Chickpea of the sea salad

Main dishes
Catalan pasta paella
Creamy miso ramen soup
Spinach-artichoke ring
Tofu bánh mì sandwich
Chickpea of the sea salad
Tofu balls with spiced blackcurrant sauce

Chocolate & peanut butter pies
Chocolate mendiants
Basic sweet crêpes
Rosewater raspberry hearts
French fruit cheesecake
Chocolate cake with azuki filling
White chocolate mendiants

Azuki (red-bean) jam
Lemony miso sauce for fruit